green carpet cleaning services

We do several types of carpet; wall to wall, saxony, berbers, whites, large area rugs and orientals in place, without harming the hardwood underneath. There is no need to move furniture out of the room we can clean your exposed carpet and you don’t have to worry about the metal tabs on furniture rusting. We have plastic guards around the machines as to not damage any furniture or walls.

We are highly recommended by our customers because we do a great job, we are:

  • dependable
  • on time
  • courteous
  • trustworthy
  • honest

How it works

The Host dry extraction system is done with microsponges that have natural solvents and detergents in them to breakdown the dirt, stains and germs. we use a counter rotating brush machine that picks up the fiber and wraps the microsponges around each fiber absorbing dirt away. Then we vacuum the sponges taking the dirt and germs away from the carpet. Leaving it clean and deodorized naturally.